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Kutay Marin

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14 Şubat 2024 - 15:50

Kutay Marin

Kutlay Marine: Leadership in Maritime with Original Designs

The success of the company comes from producing boats that are original, not imitated, and have their own designs. Kutlay Marine’s boats are offered in a wide range from diversified fishing boats with inboard and outboard engine options to motor yachts and commercial boats. While the dimensions of fishing boats vary between 2.5 meters and 5.70 meters, the dimensions of motor yachts and commercial boats vary between 6.50 meters and 14.00 meters.

Kutlay Marine’s boats attracted the attention of many local and foreign visitors in the boatshows they attended in Istanbul, Bodrum, Izmir and Europe and reached a respected position in the sector. The company’s boats have won the admiration of customers and influential people in the industry. In addition to domestic sales, Kutlay Marine boats are also exported to European and Middle Eastern countries.

Kutlay Marine, which successfully produced Turkey’s first polyester commercial tour boats, has proven its quality and become a reliable brand in the sector. The Kutlay brand, which has been manufacturing and trading in the Aegean Region since 1958, stepped into motor yacht manufacturing with the establishment of Kutlay Marine in 2008. Kutlay Marine is a registered trademark of Agora Yachting and maintains its leading position in the maritime industry.

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